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11/24/2010 at 10:26 PM

behind the scences with coco moanikeala...

i remember as far back as when i was 3yrs old, but only 3 inncodents remain in my memory... i went into the bathroom with my dad and he stood up to go to the bathroom, so the next time i had to go to the bathroom, i attempted to stand up, but since i'm a girl i was told that i had to sit down to use the restroom, hmmm...

i was home on leave from the army. my friends and i decided to go to this rave out in the city, so we all piled up into the big ole tuna boat of a car and headed to the city... it was halloween so everyone was dressed up... the music was bumpin... i looked in the mirror and i looked like a rat, the walls were melting... i closed the door to my toilet and then all of a sudden i was trapped, i couldn't find the lock to let myself out. the toilet started looking like it was going to eat me... i crawled to the next stall over and pretty much convinced the next girl that her stall was unopenable, if thats even a word, hehe... we both crawled to the next stall and there was a gay guy in there that we asked if he could help us get out, but now we were all stuck. trapped by the toilet that wants to eat us and an unopenable door. all of a sudden as if the door was giving birth to a human, tannie's head pops into the stall and shows us the way out of the toilet womb...

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