History of Sir John Adam Kt.

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11/28/2010 at 3:31 PM

"his estates were large not only in his hown right but he received valuable estates from his wife. Their names are fond in most works on extinct peerages. He was engaged in the Scottish wars. There remains to this da a beautiful stained glass window in his memory in the church in Tidenham, with his name, coat-of-arms, and the date 1310 in the upper part. His coat of arms is given as "argent, a cross gules, 5 mullets or, crest; that of a ducal coronet, a dmi-lion" This means that on a silver ground was a red cross which extended from the top to the bottom and to each side, and on this cross were 5 golden stars. The crest as given in Fairbairn's Crests was the head and principal part of the body of a lion, rampant gardant; that is erect and the right paw raised" from Ancestry of Henry Adams

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