Elizabeth Germain Dates and Parentage?

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11/30/2010 at 6:46 PM

I have her dates as 1785-1860. Marriage April 24 1806 in Baltimore, Maryland. Any clues as to the identity of her parents or the parents of her husbnd, Angus Ross, would be most appreciated!

9/5/2011 at 2:23 AM

I noticed you have the wrong death date and place for Elizabeth GERMAIN, so I hope this info I give you, helps. Elizabeth GERMAIN did not die 1860 in Oregon, she died on 4 May 1849 probably on the family farm in Winfield, Dupage Co., Illinois, USA. She was buried on 5 May 1849 at the West Side Cemetery - Geneva, Kane Co, Illinois, USA. FYI ... Elizabeth GERMAIN (1789 / 1790 - 4 May 1849) and Angus ROSS (2 Oct 1780 - 28 Aug 1865) are my 4th Great Grandparents. Their daughter Abarilla ROSS (2 Jan 1816 - 11 Mar 1893) is my 3rd Great Grandmother. Margaret (nee GIANNI) HAIGHT, who is my 4th cousin 1 time removed, originally told me Elizabeth's surname was GERMAIN, GERMAINE or GERMAN. Margaret descends from John England ROSS (15 Feb 1818 - 17 Feb 1890), he is a son of Angus and Elizabeth and my 3rd great grand uncle. Margaret also said her family and other John England ROSS ancestors of Oregon hired a genealogist in 1959 to research and compile their ROSS family tree. I and they have not found much info on Elizabeth GERMAIN over the years but am always researching. Just a few weeks ago in late Aug 2011, I got lucky and found her death date and gravesite. Woo hoo!!!

As for Angus ROSS, I have his father's name but not the mother's name. Daniel ROSS was the father of Angus ROSS. Daniel also had sons by the name of John, David and Alexander. Historical records I've found, mention Daniel ROSS had a large family but so far, I have not found the name of his wife, or names of any daughters and if more sons exist. rom page 811 - HISTORY OF MADISON COUNTY, CHAPTER XII.


To particularize the individual who first entered the vast wilderness that once existed in what now comprises the territory of Somerford Township is at this late day very difficult to do. but we have succeeded in obtaining the names of nearly fifty of the early settlers, and, as is usually the case in most new countries, we find they came in companies of several together, or at least several were found settled in the same neighborhood at about the same time.

The first settlement in this township was made in the eastern part, on or near Deer Creek, between the years of 1802 and 1805. In 1803-04, there came from Kentucky two brothers. Robert and John SCOTT, who probably located on what is now either the Richmond or Gwynne land, but of them we learn but little. Also, at about the same date, and from the same State, came Tobias SHIELDS and two sons, John and Andrew, and located in the same vicinity. There were probably more of the family than these two sons, but if so, of them we learn nothing. After the organization of Madison County and of Deer Creek Township-the latter embracing a large scope of territory, including Somerford--we find John and Andrew Shields holding various offices of the township for several years. Tobias. the father, was a true backwoodsman, rough in his habits and nature; and was blind for thirty years before his death. About the same date, Charles Atchison, also from Kentucky. settled here, and proved a most worthy and useful citizen, and was probably the first Treasurer of the township after its erection. He also filled many other offices of the township. Daniel ROSS was another pioneer settler of the same date [no mention of what state Daniel ROSS came from]. He had a large family of whom we find record of the following sons: Angus, David, John and Alexander, who were all more or less in the various offices of the township until 1836. And it is believed that, about that time or soon after, they left this county, emigrating to the West. ---END of the ROSS name being mentioned.

To read the entire content of this article, please go to URL: <http://www.heritagepursuit.com/Madison/MadisonSomerfordH.htm&gt;

I would like to hear from you and want to know why my 4th Great Grandparents, Elizabeth GERMAIN (1789 / 1790 - 4 May 1849) and Angus ROSS (2 Oct 1780 - 28 Aug 1865) are listed in your tree. Are you related? Thank you - Donna

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