Goodwin, De Beer, Jacobs, Stevens - South Africa

Started by Shaneen Goodwin on Thursday, December 2, 2010


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12/2/2010 at 7:05 PM

I have a South African ancestry that goes like this.

Dad's Side:
Grandfather: Brian Goodwin born 1914
Grandmother: Elizabeth Helena De Beer born 1915-1920

Grandfather's side:
Great Grandfather: George Joseph Goodwin born Weenen 1883
Great Grandmother: Henrietta Elizabeth Kruger Stevens born Sutherland Natal 1883

Grandmother's side:
Great Grandfather: Matthys Christoffel Johannes De Beer born around 1886?
Great Grandmother: Neeltjie (Cornelia) Elizabeth Philippina Jacobs? born around 1888?

Therefore I am interested in the names Goodwin, Stevens, Jacobs and De Beer in relation to the respective people. Any information anybody might have would be greatly appreciated!

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1/17/2011 at 9:39 AM

Below i have listed the info I could find, for more information contact Mr Diwwie (D.W.) de Beer, the author of the book. he has a world of knowledge on the de Beer family - he sells a cd version of the book at R80-00 each. I found him most helpful - his telephone number: +27 012 664 4488 and e-mail adress:

I searched the de Beer book "drie eeue in Suid Afrika" the only Matthys Christoffel born around 1886 is listed as follows:

7343 g1 Matthys Christoffel Johannes DE BEER <4251> (7342/x), ∗ 04.01.1886

and his parents:

7342 f10 Gideon Francois DE BEER <4249> (7251/xx), ∗ 07.09.1863, ≈ Potchefstroom
03.10.1863, † Waterval, Rustenburg dist. 22.12.1900
»α TAB 5382. Beroep: Boer.
»» Kinders (1): 7343
x Rustenburg NH 28.03.1885, Anna Christina PIETERSE <4250>, ∗ 29.10.1866
»α Geb. datum is 29.??.1866. Die maand is onseker. Mag dalk Feb. wees. Sy was
driekeer getroud - x G.F. de Beer, xx ? de Beer, xxx Gouws.

plenty more ancestry contained in the book dating back to +-1670

hope this helps

Matthys J. de Beer

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