Mohamad Gholi Mirza Molkara is not the ancestor of Shams-Molk-Ara

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12/4/2010 at 12:26 AM

Mohamad Gholi Mirza (Molk Ara), second son of the Fath Ali shah Qajar which was married to Shah Zanon Afshar of Afshar Dynesty, is not the ancestor of Shams-Molk-Ara family but of Arasteh family. ( refer to
Our great grand Father Abdolhosan Mirza Qajar (known as Shams ol Shoara) was son of Abbas Mirza Molk Ara 1839-1897 (brother of Naseredin Shah), son of Mohamad Shah (1807-1848) which was son of Abbas Mirza (Nayeb ol Saltaneh) 1789-1833, son of Fath Ali Shah Qajar.
Abbas Mirza's(Molk Ara) mother was Khadijeh Khanoum, dougther of Emam Verdi Mirza, another son of Fath Ali Shah. Naseredin Shah's mother was Malek Jahan Khanoum, another wife of Mohamad Shah.
Please let me know if I am wrong Behrouz Shams

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12/6/2010 at 9:24 AM

Dear Behrouz
According to the introduction pages of "Divane Mohsen Shams Molkara" which is written by his son Iraj Mirza Shams Molkara, Abdolhosein Mirza Shams ol Shoara was truely the son of Mohamad Gholi Mirza (Molk Ara), second son of the Fath Ali shah Qajar. If you please give me your address I will be happy to send you a copy of those pages. I have discussed this subject with Dr Ali Shams also with Shahrokh Rohani, both of whom have a copy of Divane Mohsen Mirza
Love, Mehrangiz

Dear cousins, Mehrangiz and Behrouz,

In our greater Qajar family we have two branches Shams Molkara. One descending from Abbas Mirza, son of mohammad Shah, and one descending from Mohammad Qoli Mirza, son of Fath Ali Shah. The descendants of Mohammad Qoli Mirza go with the name Shams Molkara as well as simply Shams.

With best regards,

Ferydoun Barjesteh
editor Qajar Studies

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5/23/2012 at 12:18 AM

Mohamad Gholi Mirza Ghajar (Molk-Ara), the second son of Fath Ali Shah, indeed is the ancestor of Shams Molk-Ara and Shams families. Based on the research we did recently there is no evidence that these two families are related to Abbas Mirza Molk-Ara brother of Naser-ed-Din Shah's as was claimed by Ghajar Shajarehnaameh Project.
Abdolhosain Mirza, sixteenth son of Mohamad Gholi Mirza,(Tareekh Azodi ) got the title of Shams-ol- Shoara after his older brother Sam Mirza's death and served as such to Naseredin Shah til Ahmad Shah when he passed away.
Beside "Divane Mohsen Shams Molk-Ara" which his son Iradj Mirza, grand son of Abdolhosain Mirza explain the connection in the introduction, the book " Rejal Asr Nasery" by Dost Ali Khan Moear-ol-mamalek grand son of Naser-edin-Shah at page 18 explain the Shams Molk-Ara as decendent of Mohamad Gholi Mirza Molk-Ara, also Documents in the Sazeman Oghaf in Iran approve the connection.
All abdolhossain Mirza's children changed their surname to Shams Molkara in Reza shah's time except Dr Lessan ol Hokama which used Shams as surname. To our knowledge there is no any other family named Shams or Shams Molkara which is among Ghajar Dynesty.
Reciving any other information regarding these connections specially if there is one relating to Abbas Mirza " Molk-Ara, or other children of Mohamad Gholi Mirza, would be appreciated.

Behrouz Jan,
In my earlier post I made a mistake: I said two branches Shams Molkara, while I meant to say a branch Shams Molkara or Shams and a branch Molkara/Molk Ara,the latter for descendants of Abbas Mirza 'Molk Ara'.
As you might know my wife Sahar Khosrovani is a descendat of Shir Khan Eyn ol-Molk, whose mother was a daughter of Mohammad Gholi Mirza 'Molk Ara'.

Ferydoun Barjesteh

descendant that is ....

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