Emil Petersen & brother Ole Johan Petersen relationship paths

Started by Richard Bierregaard on Sunday, December 5, 2010


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12/5/2010 at 11:15 AM

My great grandfather Emil Petersen and his brother Ole Johan give different relationship paths. There is a more distant relationship through in-laws that is displaying instead of the blood-line relationship. The profiles are:
Emil Petersen: Emil Petersen
Ole Johan Petersen: Johan Petersen
The same happens to Ole Johan's children and grandchildren, but reverts to the blood-line relationship on the great grandchildren!
Richard Bierregaard

12/6/2010 at 12:52 PM

I just wonder if you know how our common great-grat grandfather Johan Peter Petersen, born 1798?, in Copenhagen,and losing his father at the age of 8, and his mom a few years later ended up in Bergen ,as a foster-son, married a wife,and had the sons (Ole) Johan Petersen, my great grandfather, and Emil- your great grandfather, plus more children ?, why did his son Emil jr. end up in patagonia ,La Argentina? esto me parece muy interesante !- hablas Español?

12/6/2010 at 1:08 PM

I myself speak fluent Spanish through a batchelor in the language , and living i Spain for four years, 1970-74- and have lots of spanish speaking patients- mainly 1st and second generation of Chileans who fled Chile during the dictatorship. Most of their children are bilingual ,both spanish, Scaninavian (Norwegian) and taught english since grammarscool- and I am also a spanish licenced doc.So i sspeak spanish on a daily basis, one of the few docs in Oslo who does.
bes from Thomas

12/6/2010 at 1:14 PM

Our great-great-great grandfather died as I have been told , in Aqitaine in France - in 1806, and his grandson (Ole) Johan Petersen in 1906-- weird ?
By the way- where do the Lind Petersens come in ?
Best from Thomas

12/6/2010 at 3:36 PM

I have a family publication called "Slekten Vår" published in 1966 by Dagny Traagstad (nee Storm). In it it gives information about Johan Peter and his father Ole Johan Sr. (as well as the rest of the family up to 1966).
Transcribing:1. Ole Johan Petersen, f. i Bergen ant. 1754, d. i Bordeaux 6.12.1807. Skipsfører i København, førte skip på Østasien.
g.m. Mette Sophie Andersen Hamborg f. i Jylland and. 1758, d. 9.1.1810. 2 barn.
1. Thorine Christine Petersen, f. 27.2.1796, d. 12.13.1877
2. Johan Peter Petersen f. i Kjøbenhavn 8.8.1798, d. 3.10.1853. Boktrykker i Bergen.
g.m. Mette Birgithe Lind f. i Molde 17.3.1800, d. 15.7.1874
7 barn
3. Ane Dorothea Petersen f. 5.12.1805, d. 18.1.1892
g.m. skipsfører Ulrich Iversen f. 3.6.1803, d. 13.9.1840

Now for the South American branch... y si hablo español (pero con acento argentino!)
Of my great grandfather Emil's 7 surviving children, 5 emigrated to Argentina after 1904. The eldest was Gerhard Stolz Petersen and he was the Swedish-Norwegian Consul in Argentina, and after Norway separated from Sweden stayed on as the Norwegian Consul. He brought his siblings and mother, Louise Albertine Stolz, to Buenos Aires.
Emil Jr. was a railway surveying engineer like my grandfather Aksel (or Axel) Bjerregaard and they surveyed and built many railway lines. Emil and my grandfather helped build the Transandino railway across the Andes to Chile. Later Emil bought some land in Santa Cruz and raised sheep on estancia "El Molle". My grandfather surveyed the railway line from Oran, Salta to Resistencia, Chaco through the Chaco jungles.

As to the Lind Pettersen branch, it originates from Johan and Emil's sister Nielsine who married Wilhelm Pettersen and through their son Jan Pettersen named two of his children Leif Lind Pettersen and Sylvia Lind Petersen (only one t), I assume using his grandmother's single name. However the Petersen Lind's are descended from our great grandfather's brother Marthin Benjamin. Both these families lived in Guatemala.
I also checked and you are listed in "Slekten Vår" and my understanding is that a copy was sent to every family member that was listed.
Muchos saludos!

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