Bibi Hajira (PBUH)

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12/6/2010 at 7:39 PM

Source: As we all know Bibi Hajira (sa) was the wife of Great Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim(as).She was a pious lady,great follower of Prophet, a very good Mother and very loyal to his husabnd being wife.Here i just want to write e few words about the things attracted me and i thought to share with you all;
* Bibi Hajira (sa) was servant to Hazrat bibi Sara(sa) the first wife of Hazrat Ibrahim(as) and after marriage to Prophet she was blessed with a beautiful son and but she was very humble towards Bibi Sara (sa) who after this blessing of the kid fell into womenly jealousy and but Bib Hajira (sa)never uttered a word for her.
*When Prophet Ibrahim(as) was oerdered by God to leave for Hijaz and leave BibiHajira(sa) there with a little kid she agreed and showed her firm belief on God.
*When Hazrat Ibrahim(as) came again to that deserted land His son was a young boy Hazrat Ismail(as) .He may inquired his father for why he has left him in dsert of hijaz alone with a young mother? But this is the teaching of her mother who brought up him in such a way that he did not inquire.Remember at that time he was not payamber just a young boy.
*When Hazrat Ibrahim(as) was ordered by God to slaughter his ever loving thing his son through dream Bibi Hajira (sa) did not stop him even she was too many times being attacked by Shaitaan iblees
*Look at son of Bibi Hajira (sa) also not opposing his father for slaughtering him for God inspite telling his father to be brave and do what is being ordered and remain calm and firm by wrapping a cloth in front of eyes

yes sisters through all these ponts i"m impressed by that great lady who was a woman of that time where no such role model was in front of her<there was no school no teacher .Also her firm belief in God and in his beloved husband and Great Prophet(as) .Let us see ourselves are we like that
do we really do not feel jealous?
we do not argue with our husbands all the time for being with us and none others even his parents and brothers and sisters and also his religious meetngs?
do we have so firm beleive on God as to live without luxuries of life?

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