George Goldenhawk Sizemore

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12/7/2010 at 10:22 AM

I have started a new project and I am looking for volunteers.

George Goldenhawk Sizemore was born in Virginia in 1783 and died in Magoffin Co., KY in 1863. He had four wives/partners and 55 children. The Magoffin County Historical Society has placed a new marker for Goldenhawk in Oakley Cemetery.

The four partners are identified but the children are a mess! Some are with the wrong mothers, others are duplicates with different mothers. Goldenhawk was part Cherokee. His white ancestors have been in America since the 1690's. His descendants were involved in the Eastern Cherokee Association and founded the White Top Laurel Band, ECA. This will be an interesting project!

If you are descended from a Sizemore, if you are of Cherokee heritage, or if you are interested in Appalachian history, please consider joining this project.

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