Mary Silverthorn daughter of Gabriel Champion de Crespigny - lack of evidence

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12/7/2010 at 1:46 PM

I do not believe there is any evidence that Mary the daughter of Gabriel Champion de Crespigny married Oliver Silverthorn. The published family histories that put forward this connection cite no documents as evidence for the marriage or for the connection between Mary, wife of Oliver as the daughter of Gabriel.

12/31/2015 at 4:47 PM

Here is some additional info from Monty Reid
1716 Deed Andover, England Did I already tell you about the 1716 Deed of Oliver Silverthorne, cooper, & his wife Mary, entailing his messuage house & garden on the High Street in Andover to Mary & her issue ?--for the use of Oliver for his life, then for the use of Mary for her life, then to their children lawfully begotten, and specifically to the heir of Oliver named in his will (i.e, the youngest son, William, provided he care for his mother. The reason for the entailment is that Mary had sold her lands in Longparish (just outside of Andover) in order to purchase the messuage in High Street. We should also look for that deed, involving Champion de Crespigny land. It is my theory that the entailed house on High Street was the reason that a southampton Court sent bailiffs to New Jersey to force Mary and her heir to testify in court as to ownership of the house. Monty Reed

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