You Can Choose to be Happy.

Started by Dr Amir Hamzah Bakri 211 on Thursday, December 9, 2010


12/9/2010 at 7:13 PM

Recently, a junior colleague commented that I look happy everyday (I wonder whether it was offered as a compliment or insinuation).

How do you know? I asked. Because, I overhear the humming sound all the times when you walk around or when you’re not deeply engrossed with your tasks.

I must concede that this lady is such a keen observer of others surrounding her. This is taking into account that every executive in the office would focus on his/her PC monitor the moment he/she settles down in the morning till close-shop time in the evening. They’re oblivious to whatever is happening around them.

The pertinent question is: Are they really that hard-working?

Some prominent sociologists beg to differ on this current trend and recently at a post-triennial seminar convened by the group in Europe, they issued a communiqué, thus: The manner is classified as an Escapism – from the real world of the immediate surrounding to the cyber world of yonder and beyond.

Now, back to the issue of me being a happy person as complimented by the colleague.

The question again, am I really? I told the lady, I have to… Why? Because only me can make myself happy. Nobody else. Not even our CEO. Let alone PM Dato’ Seri Najib. So, rather than going around sullenly like a sourpuss, be happy and keep humming your favourite tune to your heart content (be careful not to be too loud though. Lest your ‘audience’ would be put off).

We read about the communiqué by the sociologists: Escapism is the primary reason why people transfixed their attention to their computers all-day. I wonder what they would categorise the hummers who go around humming sweet nothing?

Don’t you think they’re trying to escape from something too?

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