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12/10/2010 at 10:00 PM

Ten years ago on 11th Dec.2000, it was Puranmashi and the sky was clear like the purity of heart, sun had winter warmth and the school-going childern had gone to school.I had also been to my office.Arvind was on tour to Bhilwara-(Maral Co).Aditya was on tour to Dubai Satya had gone to his office.Hitesh too,had left for his office to Maneshar, Madan was in Maharashtra attending to his Pfizer assignment.
Sant Shri had taken bath ,performed daily Prayers, had light breakfast and came down in the lawns of Rail Vihar Gurgaon for a sunbask.While sitting on the bench started reading a newspaper alongwith his pals-one plumber and gardner and one neighbour.

Around 10 AM there came a call from Almighty and went rushing without a second thought or saying a goodbye to his family.We even after ten years recall the incident as the most obient call of Almighty.He is now with Him caring for all of us from His new home.

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