Children of Sir Henry Williams Cromwell, M.P.

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12/13/2010 at 5:40 AM

Sir Henry Williams, alias Cromwell, MP

Sir Henry's profile is now listed with these children:
Thomas Cromwell, Capt. Thomas Cromwell
Robert Cromwell, K . B ., Robert Cromwell of Huntingdon
Oliver Cromwell, Sir Oliver Cromwell, KB
Joan Cromwell, Unknown Profile
Ralph Cromwell, Ralph Cromwell
Francis Whalley, Francis, Unknown Profile
Frances Cromwell, Joan Cromwell, Lady Barrington
Richard Cromwell, Unknown Profile
Richard Cromwell, Richard Williams, Alias Cromwell
Dorothy Cromwell, Dorothy ''Mary'' Fleming
Philip Cromwell, Unknown Profile
(Sir), Philip Cromwell, Sir Philip Cromwell of Bigginhouse
Elizabeth CROMWELL, Elizabeth Hampdon
Henry Cromwell, Upwood), Henry Philip Cromwell, of Upwood, Huntingdon
Mary CROMWELL, Mary Dunch
Elizabeth Cromwell, Unknown Profile
John Cromwell, Capt. John Cromwell, of Malmsbury
Edith Cromwell, Edith Cromwell
James Cromwell, James Cromwell
William Cromwell, William Cromwell
Ralph Cromwell, Unknown Profile
Philip Cromwell, Unknown Profile
Philip Cromwell, Unknown Profile
Frances Cromwell, Unknown Profile

... a mess, to be fair.

This is, as far as I know, the correct list of offspring:

CROMWELL Sir Oliver ( 1563 - 1655 )
CROMWELL Elizabeth ( 1575 - 1665 )
CROMWELL Ralph ( 1580 - 1581 )
CROMWELL Dorothy ( 1582 - ? )
CROMWELL Frances ( ? - ? )
CROMWELL Mary ( ? - 1617 )
CROMWELL Joan ( ? - ? )
CROMWELL Sir Philip ( ? - 1630 )
CROMWELL Richard ( ? - 1628 )
CROMWELL Henry ( ? - 1630 )
CROMWELL Robert ( ? - 1617 )

There are some obvious duplicate profiles, but DOB's and DOD's vary greatly, and some profiles don't seem to fit in at all.

I don't have all the necessary collaboration permissions to clean up all of this, and I'm reluctant to disconnect profiles, even if they seem misplaced.

Any curators who can help out?

Private User
9/24/2013 at 9:39 PM

Children of Sir Henry and Joan Cromwell:

Sir Oliver Cromwell, KB ( 1562 - 1655 ) - oldest son

Robert Cromwell of Huntingdon ( 1563 - 1617 ) - second (surviving?) son

William Cromwell and James Cromwell are possibly apocryphal, or may represent one or more children who were stillborn or died very young.

Henry Philip Cromwell, of Upwood, Huntingdon

Dorothy ''Mary'' Fleming

Richard Williams, Alias Cromwell

Sir Philip Cromwell of Bigginhouse

Ralph Cromwell

Elizabeth Hampdon

Mary Dunch Joan was starting to push her luck here...

Francis Williams Whalley ...and it probably ran out here.

Child of Sir Henry and Susan Cromwell:

Joan Cromwell, Lady Barrington

9/24/2013 at 10:03 PM

Hello Maven: Elizabeth Ratcliff/ Whale is in my direct line of Ancestors married to Edward Whalley. The Tacinda Tudor line descends to a Jane Wilkinson who's married to cousin of Cromwell....and Im looking for the Margaret Mercer/ Wm. Mercer connection to Jane Wilkerson as Margaret Mercer is my 9th ggrandfather's mother: Once Perrott ap Rice 1600. Any observation that might clear up the connection would be appreciated as we know the Cromwell's are connected to the Rice's....Kind Regards DCRice 1948

10/4/2013 at 6:02 AM

Maven: I found that Ediga MERCER1540 married Gilbert Grey of Butterfulk and their son Patrick Grey married Lady MARY STEWART grand daughter of Scotts King James V. They connect at Jane GREY descendent of TACINDA TUDOR who's Daughter marries WILKERSON.....The Silence around the MERCER leads me to suspect that Margaret MERCER is the illegitimate daughter of Jane MERCER and Wm. Mercer, raised by Wm. Do you have any light to shed here? Mr Rice Family connects to the Cromwells above at Frances Whalley I think.....Edward Whalley is a direct Blood Family member. DCR

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