World has enough Space for India and China to prosper -My comments in MSN news

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12/15/2010 at 8:58 AM

Sreekumar Trivandrum#1
15 December 2010 22:11:30
Once Desmond tutu in humorous way told a story that once the Europeans came to Africa and asked Africans just to close their eyes for a while. They did so and when they opened their eyes they found a small bible in their hand but saw Africa going to the others hand. That is what happened when Obama came last month. We got ****ll of promises but he gained much more than that what he wanted from us. Then French President Zarkosy came and went with more deals. Now it is it is Wen Jiabao's turn. What more left with us to lose. We are always on the losers side. We sell our raw materials iron steel , food products and other raw materials which would have been consumed if we had prospered to their level. Now almost all automotive companies have invested in India and China wants to join those blocks. Ultimately the profit goes to them. Our raw materials come back to us in finished shape on higher price. Why India cannot rise to their level . Whether it is Power Industry, Automotive, aeronautics, or other heavy industries we are far behind other developed nations except for the brain power of the Indians. When we will become self sufficient . With ****ut 2 billion population we are far behind China .The statistics coming in media are all gimmicks. We will not catch with China even by another 20 years .What is lacking in us. I think the best export commodity is our Politicians who are making this nation as devils paradise. Now Chinese premier will give all false hopes and will return happily as Obama. Our politicians have no vision , no drive and no will power. we are sunk in the ocean of scams. Indians will never learn a lesson. We are being cheated and we cheat our selves .We don't have the pride . Our diplomats are patted down our students killed . We are still the underdogs. People have to wake up. We are sleeping too much. The torch of democracy and welfare and growth of our country is in our hands. It is all our duty to safeguard it. All the pillars of democracy has cracked. But we the mass should suppor**** fro ****rther ruin.

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