How to report people with multiple profiles?

Started by Jonathan Scott Krengel on Thursday, December 16, 2010
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12/16/2010 at 10:33 PM

This on the surface appears to be one person with 3 claimed profiles.
Private User
Unknown Profile
Unknown Profile

And why is this an issue worthy of reporting?

Looking at the dates for these profiles, they are almost certainly the result of uploading the same GEDCOM 3 times, whether by accident, misunderstanding or deliberately (there WERE valid reasons to do so).

This profile, Private User, is still active, Jessica having last logged in 6 weeks ago. Obviously you have SOME interest in her tree. Perhaps, you would like to send her a message offering to help her do the ~800 * 3 merges she would have to complete.

12/19/2010 at 9:38 AM

Please don't assume everyone is ignorant. I could see clearly the possibilities of why there are 3 accounts.

Based on the age of the other two accounts I thought it might be best if Geni made the first contact to merge her claimed profiles. Until that is done no merges can take place.

Geni has taken this approach with other multiple account holders in the past.

I wasn't assuming anything.
Not knowing the level of knowledge of whoever asks the question, I try and always give as detailed an answer as possible. This also serves the greater audience who might read this.

If you liked, you actually could do quite a few merges in her multiple trees. The majority of profiles in each of them is public, and connected to the Big-Tree. They are also merged with many other people's profiles. So merges should be doable. You would probably want to add quite a few more Collaborators before you try that though.

I have never heard of Geni offering to merge accounts that way. So I've learned something today, I guess. As such, there is pretty much only one reliable way to report issues to Geni... send an email to She would STILL have a couple hundred merges to do.

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