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12/18/2010 at 8:28 PM

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Everyone!
Here we all are again, and its the Holidays a time when we have a tendency to reminisce a bit and remember the rich experience of our past. A time to reflect on how our families have grown and drifted apart over the years and all the changes we have all been through. I have fantastic memories of numerous events with my Grandparents, and all of my relatives that made up the fabric of our family. We would all gather together in a joyous, festive atmosphere, and everyone would drink and get filled with holiday spirit. Lots of voices of people talking politics, telling jokes laughing, sometimes crying, kids running around, playing cards, lots of food and eating. This sometimes went on for a couple of days. I am forever grateful for these memories and everyone of those moments. However time marches on, it waits for no one, and we get older, we begin to forget things and then pass away, some of us move away and begin new lives, have new babies, and life goes on. In time though if we don't somehow chronicle who we were our children will have a much more difficult experience, When they try to discover who these people were, what their names are and where did they come from. Question's like these help our kids to realize who they are individually in the realm of things.Therefore I am pleading with everyone and anyone with information on our family to please help with the information that is still urgently needed to complete the family tree the best we can. Anyone can input information to any profile in the tree. The tree is like Wikipedia it is open source meaning anyone can contribute what ever information they have written down or just know. Wedding dates, birthdays, deaths, anything that is pertinent and fills in the many blank profile's that exists. for example is my Aunt Bernice and her family. This is a women who I loved as a child, I felt like she lit up a room when she walked in, and she actually wasn't even my real aunt. She had more or less been adopted by my mothers parents. I know somebody has her information or maybe has a way of getting it. I would like to honor her as one of our family members. Does anyone have an email address for her husband Bill or her children. We all have privacy settings on our profiles meaning you can custom select what information you want to put in it and once you input that information you can also block out anyone from outside the family from seeing it. The public can only view your info if your settings allow the public to view it. Anyway I really want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, may we all be blessed with Peace Love Health and Happiness it the coming years ahead.

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