Salomon Worms 1729-1801 married Edelle Ertz 1735-1817

Started by Jocelyne Mathilde Worms on Tuesday, December 21, 2010


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12/21/2010 at 2:05 AM

father of Louis Vorms1759-1836 he married Marie Anne Cockenheim 1769-1816
they got a son Bernard Vorms 1797-1867 who married Anne Crehange 1800-1850
they got a son Cerf Vorms 1828-1868 who married AdeleLevy 1831-
they got a son Samuel Worms 1862-1952 who married Eugenie Israel1867--1929
they got 10 children Germaine 1892-1984, Maurice 1894-1957, Rene 1896- ,
Lucien 1897-1979, Fernande 1899-deceased Auschwitz, Andre 1903-1904
Yvonne 1904-1982, Pol 1906-1986, Marcelle 1908-dead in Auchwitz, Odette 1910
Maurice married Renee Moyse 1913-1990 they got a son Andre 1939-1998 who married Jocelyne Lippmann (me) 1950- they got 2 children Benjamin 1973- who
lives with Christelle Fayon and have a son Alexandre born 2008
Stephanie 1979- get married with Gael Levy and they have two sons Danny 2006 and Noe 2008

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