Billy the Kid - Wild West Outlaw

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12/22/2010 at 4:36 AM

I have been working on Billy the Kid's tree. I've been reading about him, have seen documentaries about him and he's just a very intriguing outlaw. The one thing about his genealogy though is that there are different "routes" to his "roots."

What I mean is there's no "proof" of his ancestry, starting with his own mother and father. The only proof is that his mother was named Catherine or Katherine and married to a William Antrim. I read various stories about him and his parents have been a mystery since he was alive! Because of his difficult ancestry, I've tried to make his profile as informative as possible, with links to his different parents. In tree-view, it's an ugly tangle of yellow triangles, but rest-assured the profiles cannot be merged as they have been set to MP profiles. Each "parent" has a curator note explaining their relationship to Billy the Kid. Unfortunately, I wish it could look "cleaner."

I'm hoping relatives and viewers in general will be satisfied with the profile "as-is."

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