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2/25/2011 at 9:30 AM

Just wanted to add that my research agrees with Michael's on the confusion surrounding Samuel Jordan -- though my findings were not nearly a detailed. Great job Michael!

I have searched for any documentation of the link between Samuel and his supposed sons by a first marriage in England. I have not found any evidence supporting this. Further, there is no documentation of a link between Samuel and Thomas, who lived nearby in the colonies. Granted, Samuel's Will did not survive, but if Thomas had inherited, would he still be a servant of the governor two years later?

The only link I can see is that Thomas and Samuel both lived near Jamestown and were prominent people. But as Michael pointed out, this does not account for four or so other Jordans that show up in Jamestown area records from those first few decades. Its not exactly a unique name.

Finally, I know name spelling is fluid, but I just wanted to point out that Thomas was most commonly Jerden in the records while Samuel/Cicely were Jourdain (though sometimes Jordan/Jerdan or something similar)

I just don't think there is enough to link Thomas or the other purported sons to Samuel. Not unless someone can provide evidence that supports the claim Thomas is a son of Samuel born in England. I'd love to just break that relationship in the tree, but I know people would object or just quickly put it back together....

2/25/2011 at 1:19 PM

Also, Peter Montague "The Immigrant", a supposed later husband, was married to a different Cecily, hence the confusion. The executor of Peter's will in 1660 was his wife Cecily Montague, so he was definitely married to someone of that name, but it is more likely her maiden name was Matthews. Peter lived on the estate of Captain Samuel Matthews and it is likely he married Capt Matthews' daughter. Feel free to break any connections between Peter and Cecily Reynolds. I'm trying to clean things on his end as he is currently married to like 6 different Cecilys

2/25/2011 at 2:49 PM

Michael Jordan

Hi Michael,

What I meant by a "good attribution" was a little vague! I was thinking, I can just copy and paste in your notes in *this* discussion to the "overviews" of the various profiles mentioned -- and wanted to know how you want your research contributions to be delineated. When I put in information I find on a website, for instance, I reference the URL; or if from a book, I put the citation in MLA format.

A more complete document covering it all in PDF format would be fantastic. You can convert a DOC file to PDF and upload it directly to the Project and / or Geni Profiles. I can help you with it if you like, or you can do it directly yourself.

Here's a walk through with screen shots:


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2/25/2011 at 2:50 PM

Regarding Thomas Jordan, it is possible that his contract did not allow for a buy out. I don't know, has anyone seen these contracts, how they tended to be written?
I don't know how you prove Thomas is or is not the son of Samuel Jordan. What would be nice is Samuel Jordan's will.
I do BELIEVE these Jordans are related, but what those relationships are is totally debatable.
I am rather inclined to think Thomas was a nephew or cousin, but again, how do you prove it?

Michael Jordan Michael wrote the following:

3.) On the other hand, the List of the Living of 1623/24 and the Muster of 1624/25 (made a year and a half after Samuel's death) list both Mrs. Palmer and daughter and Mrs. Basse and [son] Samuel as living at Jordan's Journey after the Indian Massacre.

Which son is this Samuel? A Basse or a Jordan?
My understanding is that Humphrey Basse s/o Nathaniel Basse died in that massacre. Another interesting thing to note....Humphrey and Samuel were Twins and Humphrey may be named for Nathaniel Basse's father while Samuel was named for Mary Jordan's father. That is of course assuming they used that naming pattern.

Maybe DNA can shed some light on these relationships.

2/25/2011 at 2:58 PM

Steven Patrick Frank

Would it be worthwhile to make a Montague Family Project around Peter Montague "The Immigrant"? He wasn't an Ancient Planter but it's a grand name ... actually I've been working on all the Molyneux / Molines / Mullens / Mullins / Montacute / Montagu families in England as well.

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2/25/2011 at 3:08 PM


Appears to be a few different Jordan families in Va.

2/25/2011 at 3:19 PM


I made a Master Profile of Cicely Montague so she can no longer be confabulated with Cecily Reynolds. I don't have good source information though for the "overview." And I will do some mega-merging around for ya. :)

2/25/2011 at 6:25 PM

Erica, I think we should definitely do a Montague family project. That would help with having a central place to put resources about the family.

thanks for helping clean things up! I think that family will take awhile:)

Getting back to the Jordan families, maybe you can add a curator note to the profiles of Samuel's supposed children by his first marriage that the connection is not proven?

2/25/2011 at 7:06 PM

My conncection is through Peter's daughter Anne and her marraiage to John Jadwin--neighbor and friend of Peter Montague. See my article in ---articlesbase.com and its reference to the relationship--but believe you arae right!!!

2/25/2011 at 8:35 PM


I would love to see your article, do you have a link? Would you like to join the new Montague Project?


You've been added to the new project:


Feel free to add profiles, update the overview with sources, etc. etc. ... I'm still merging!

1/16/2012 at 1:51 PM

I have recently discovered these names together in the records of Trinity House. 'Transactions - vol. 1: 1610', Trinity House of Deptford Transactions, 1609-35: London Record Society 19 (1983), pp. 1-7. URL:
On 25 Aug 1610 a dispute was settled between Humphrey BASSE, girdler of London (and others of London) and Thomas SILVESTER, mariner of Ipswich (and others of Ipswich). One of the witnesses was William JORDAN (also witness to other transactions).
Thomas Silvester is identified as one of the joint-owners of the "Sea Adventure" of Ipswich.
Was this the same "Sea Venture" that foundered in the Bermudas in 1610 with Silvester Jordan and possibly Samuel aboard?
Was Thomas Silvester from the family that supplied the name of Silvester Jordan?
Was Humphrey Basse the father or brother of Nathaniel?
Was this William Jordan a relative of Silvester Jordan, maybe Capt. John Jourdain's elder brother from Lyme Regis?

What is evident here is that mariners and merchants did not have to come from the same part of the country to know each other, and that there was at this time a powerful trend for this class of people to migrate to Ratcliffe in the parish of Stepney, the home of sailors and all people involved with ships.
Captain John Jourdain's will of 1618 describes him as a merchant of London, although he came from Lyme Regis. Did his brother William precede him?
V. Adm. Sir Joseph Jordan was owner of a boatyard in Ratcliffe.
John Jordan the younger's 2nd child Hester is said to have been baptised in Stepney. (Was he the son of the other Silvester?)

Part of the family seems to have migrated to Stepney around this time, the rest to Exeter, then to disperse throughout Devon.

See Genforum JORDAN forum
for a discussion of alternative origins for Thomas Jordan (1600- ) of Va.

1/16/2012 at 3:13 PM

I need to wrap my head around this - an intriguing wealth of information and connections,

I'm particularly interested in this:

left in her will several “progressive” protestant books. Sir William and his wife were given license to travel for a year to the Low Countries and Heidelberg, the principal European centres for new

protestant theology. This would provide just the right kind of background for Thomas II’s later conversion to Quakerism under the influence of his Huguenot wife, Margaret Brashear, one of the first

known Quaker converts in Virginia.
Wilcot lies only about 10km NW of Wedhampton, home to John Corker (1554- ), which itself lies some 20km NE of Chitterne across Salisbury Plain. Sir William Jordan and John Corker were effectively

neighbours, and their children and nephews and nieces would almost certainly have known one another, especially since Sir William was MP for Westbury in 1593, representing the interests of
Wiltshire wool growers in parliament. John Corker is, according to Corker family genealogy, the grandfather of Lucy Corker (1604-1645) who married Thomas Jordan in Virginia in about 1624.

3/1/2015 at 1:09 AM

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