Nottingham Friends Meetinghouses

Started by Ben M. Angel, still catching up on Friday, December 24, 2010
12/24/2010 at 4:56 PM

Just a note to prevent having to go in and redo hundreds of profiles.

Many Early American Quakers in their trek westward passed first from other parts of the Province of Pennsylvania and East Jersey to what the Pennsylvanian authorities called part of Chester County - Nottingham.

There were two Nottingham meetings established, East and West, roughly around 1682. However, they served as part of a rather famous territorial dispute between the colonies of Pennsylvania and Maryland. The two meetinghouses were actually in territory claimed by the Province of Maryland in 1674. The dispute was finally resolved with the establishment of the Mason-Dixon line - this resolution placed both meetinghouses in Maryland.

Since technically it is correct to call the territory a part of Maryland while it was under dispute, and since a lot of people get confused with other areas of Chester and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania (most notably, Nottingham, PA, just across the border), it is probably better to use the resolved locations.

The correct locations are:

East Nottingham Friends Meeting - Calvert, Cecil County, Maryland
West Nottingham Friends Meeting - Rising Sun, Cecil County, Maryland

Both meetinghouses still stand, BTW, and are featured on Wikipedia.

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