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It appears by the record in the "Prescott Memorial" that James Emigrated to the area of Hampton Falls NH 1665, ,(Then old country of Norfolk MA, now Rockingham Co NH) Freeman 1678. Grantee Kingston NH 1694, Selectman 1695. Helped to found Kingston NH, Commuted to Kingston.

In 1700 Dec 19, James Prescott was the moderator at the meeting of the proprietors of Kingston, at which meeting James Prescott, Ebeneezer Webster, were chosen a committee to run the line between Kingston and Hampton, in connection with a like committee of the latter town. At the same meeting it was voted to grant to James Prescott, Thomas Philbrick, and Jonathan Sanborn, each 200 acres of land on the westerly part of the town (Kingston). On the18 July 1701 James Prescott was again chosen the moderator at the proprietors meeting, when the house, or near meadow, was granted to him. The proprietors of Kingston voted him tracts of land in 1705, 1710, 1715, 1719, 1720 and in 1721. On 1708 The Commons of Hampton voted to give James Prescott, 10 acres of land where the house then stood, John Sanborn, dissenting. On the 10th of Apr 1711, they voted him four acres of land for 8 pounds of money, aggreably to the report of the committee consisting of, Josiah Chase, John Stanyan, John Sanborn, John Redman, Joseph Swett, and Samuel Dalton.

In 1709 James Prescott, Sen'r, Nathaniel, and James Jr., sign a pettition at the parish, "At the Falls". In 1710 James, Sen'r Jonathan, and Nathaniel Prescott, sign a pettition for a new parrish at Hampton Falls, which was set off and incorporated in to a new town by the name of Hampton Falls on the 20 Apr 1712. Moved to Kingston NH 1725. Listed as ancestor by DAR Lineage book. d.NH Gen. Record 2: 131. marriage-New England marriages by C Torrey, 1985

James Prescott removed from Hampton Falls to Kingston in 1725 where he died Nov 28 1728, a about 85. The record of his death on the books at Kinston reads thus: "Nov 28 1728, James Prescott, and aged father died." Mary his widow died at Kingston Oct 4 1735, a. 87 yrs. 4 months. and 20 days. Mary Bolter was the maternal ancester of the New Hampsire branch of the Prescott Families and the name became extinct with the death of her two brothers Nathaniel and John.

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