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1/9/2011 at 9:21 AM

Since beginning my family research back in the late 90`s & being a descendant of our early new Mexican colonists, I learned, how, our women retained their individuality, with the use of their maiden names throughout their married lives & even in their burial records, identifying them, using their maiden names & saying they are the wife of "whoever their husband was". In marriage & christening records, the mother`s maiden name is used. These are 100% evident by research through our Catholic archives. Protestants don`t have this tradition, I`ve noticed, which I`m not knocking. I don`t understand why doesn`t prefer the use of the woman`s maiden name at all times in identifying her, rather than using her husband`s last name. uses the maiden name & will ask for it. Does this imply ownership of the woman as in their children?????? I will be interested in hearing other oppinions on this subject.
I think of the uniqueness of New Mexico & the marrying of couples with the same last name. I have a Family Treemakers disk, where all my info goes. When I enter a woman`s last name who is the same as her husband`s, a popup says to put the maiden name in. I think this is funny, to say the least. Where else in the U.S. does this happen on a regular basis?

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