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1/9/2011 at 3:46 PM

There are several incidents of unproven assumptions copied from various unsourced web sites in the historical geni profiles. This is especially common in the Québecois and Acadian part of the tree.

Examples are
- Robert Caron.There is no proof that his father was Eduard-René Caron.

- We do not know who Abraham Martin's parents were. Just because there was another Martin, in Québec, at the same time whose parents are known does not mean they were brothers. Assumption is not proof.

- The Bouchers. We have no proof that Galleran and Marin were brothers. They were related , that's all we know.

I realize that Geni is not a place for serious historical research. But it concerns me that misinformation is being propagated, without any "buyer be aware" flag.

One way around this....

those historical profiles for which no documented proof (i.e church records etc..) are available be flagged as such.

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