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1/12/2011 at 12:33 PM

Carole is the d/o Dorothy aka Dot D'Souza and Ronald George Rodrigues. Roland was the s/o Lionel Otto Rodrigues and Margaret de Souza who herself was the d/o Scjpöastoca Zuzartee and Joachim de Souza.
Returning to Carole's paternal grandfather Lionel Otto Rodrigues, he was the s/o Agostinho Antonio Rodrigues and Margaret Ella Pengelly.
While from Carole's mother Dorothy, Aunty Dot was the d/o Michael D'Souza and Virginie Mary Amy Joseph.
Carol's grandfather Michael was the s/o Vincent Michael D'Souza and Rose Charlotte Scully.
Virginie Mary Amy Joseph was the d/o Patrick Michael Joseph and Alvera Anastasia Jeremiah.
I think that's enough to swallow, isn't it?
My mother and my siblings were often visitors in Carole's home in Penang. It was like a second home for my brothers when they were growing up. One of her brothers was very good friends with my brothers and he used to come to stay over the weekends.

1/12/2011 at 12:35 PM

Spelling mistake, sorry. Scjpöastoca Zuzartee should be spelt Scholastica Zuzartee.

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1/13/2011 at 12:28 AM

Wow ! OK I have updated the tree using your information, thank you !

1/13/2011 at 4:57 AM

My source is from collated information on Serani Sembang which is transferred from there to a big Eurasian family tree on Boudville family website. We have to thank the patience of Boudville family website's webmaster Vincent Michael Paul Boudville who is also a moderator on Serani Sembang. Vincent "listens" in to conversations between the viewers and members. I believe this info came from Carole's oldest brother Lionel who is a member of SS.
Roland George Rodrigues was born 14 June, 1918 in Malacca and died 21 October, 2003 in K.L.
Dorothy d'Souza was born 6 March 1923 in Penang, and she died 14 June, 2002 in K.L. That's right, on her husband's 84th birthday.
Carole's siblings are Yvonne (deceased), Lionel, Brenda, Lancelot Phillip, Diana, Gilbert, Patrick, Margaret Anne (deceased), Carole and Gerard aka Jerry.

Yvonne Rodrigues,1943-13 Sept. 1990, married Michael Towle and their chn. ae Michele, Roland, Bradley and Simmone Towle.

Lionel Rodrigues m. Audrey Anne Aeria, d/o Dorothy D'Almeida and Sidney Aeria. Their chn ae Giles, Nicole and Leon Rodrigues.

D'Almeida family in Penang are a talented musical family.
Audrey's mother Dorothy is sister to Ethelreda D'Almeida.
Ethelreda D'Almeida married the well known Penang guitarist Hilary aka Larry Edmond Rodrigues whose daughter is the well-known singer Kathleen Rodriuges, the Linda Scott of those days.
Audrey Rodrigues nee Aeria and Kathleen Rodrigues are first cousins.
Another of Audrey's and Kathleen's uncles is another musician and guitarist Stanley D'Almeida. whose daughter Christina married another musician called Subramaniam. Christina carried on the musical legacy.

After Lionel comes Brenda Rodrigues who married Thomas Floyd, dcd. and their children are Suzanne, Geoffrey and Daniel Floyd.

Then comes Lancelot Phllip Rodrigues, he married Anne Guilhermina Goonting and their chn are Angela, Beverley and Michael Rodrigues.

After Lancelot comes Diana Rodrigues who married Gerard Lopez. Their chn are Ramon and Francesca Lopez.

After Diana comes Gilbert Rodrigues who married Elisabeth Khoo and their chn are Warren and Delaney Rodrigues.

After Gilbert comes Patrick who married Bernadette Khoo with chn Mark, Roy and Joanne Rodrigues.

Next comes Margaret Anne Rodrigues who married Joseph Roberts. She was born in Penang 7 July 1953 and died 23 February 2007 in Bedford, UK.Their chn are Keith and Debra Roberts.

After Anne comes Carole and after Carole comes Gerard aka Jerry who married Louisa Lowe. Their chn are Joshua, Ryan, Keisha and Laura Ashley Rodrigues.

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