Joseph Agee

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Longmont Ledger (Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado)
Sep 15, 1905 Page 1


AGEE--In Longmont, Wednesday night September 13, 1905, the result of an accident, Joseph Agee, aged about 19 years.
Joseph Agee was an employee of the sugar factory, and was working on a ladder on the third floor Monday morning, when for some cause he lost his hold fell to the first floor, a distance of from 35 to 38 feet. He fell through the openings made in the floor to take up the heavy machinery now being placed in the factory, and as he fell he struck a large pulley on the second floor, and landed in the engine pit in the basement. His skull was fractured, and the doctor took out three pieces in a subsequent operation; his jaw was broken, and there is good reason to suppose that he received internal injuries.
He did not return to consciousness sufficient to tell anything about his relatives, who cannot be located. He was taken to the Longmont hospital and cared for, though it was evident from the start that he could not live.
This should be a lesson for every man away from friends and relatives to carry some record or addresses in his pocket. It might be the means of saving his own life.

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