Christian _______ Burnett, from Penn

Started by Margaret Burnett on Sunday, January 16, 2011


1/16/2011 at 2:41 PM

Does anyone know much about my great-grandfather, cica 1800's, we know he "bought" or was "sold" my Great Grandmother, Katherine Quiggle, because her father had excessive gambling debts, that he was cruel to her and that there were several siblings involved. We only have one pic, I look EXACTLY like him, there is also a strange small un-noticeable birthmark that he, my great-granfather,grandfather, father, myself, and my son have, it switches sides with each generation, like a mirror, but it is in exact same spot and same size on the ribcage...there was either a divorce or his death (2 stories) when my grandfather was 8-12 yrs of age, early 1900's and he had been estranged from most of his family, other than his sister who went by the nickname of Lavina and married a Ranger (My granfather also married a Ranger, Margaret "Ruby" and they all 4 lived in Minn., then moved to WA state during depression

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