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Started by Ken Arntsen on Tuesday, January 18, 2011
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1/18/2011 at 2:14 AM

On attempting to sort out a merge I discovered that I had entered a misspelled name and incorrect date of birth on my tree so I edited the profile thinking that this would make the merge easier. However, even after 2 days the changed details are not reflected in the profile shown in the merge section. As the profile from the other tree has the incorrect date I am reluctant to attempt a merge where both profiles (as shown on the merge page) are inaccurate. Will the change I edited eventually be incorporated on the merge page or is this data set in stone? Can someone at make the change happen?

can you post a link to the relevant profile? Changes made SHOULD be reflected immediately. BUT there are a number of things that could cause what you are seeing:

1) You didn't actually complete the merge, so when looking at the profile, you're actually seeing the one it is to be merged with. Does the profile have a pink line across the top that says something like "this profile is inked to another in a merge"?

2) There is still a pending Data-Conflict on the merge results. This means that the two (or more) profiles merged have differences in various fields, that need to be resolved. Go to the profile, and on the ride side menu, under "More Actions V" check if you have an option to "Resolve Data-Conflicts". Click it if you do. Select the values you think are more correct and press save.

3) Someone actually resolved the Data-Conflicts (perhaps yourself even), and selected the other values.

1/18/2011 at 4:40 AM

Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately most of it referred to a failed merge when in fact Ihad not yet tried to merge. The changes I made were present on the profile on my tree and the editing event was recorded under Revisions so the changes were made. I checked back on the merge page and my part of the entry was still incorrect. I then had an idea and clicked on the name and was offered another chance to make the changes - which I did and were immediately reflected in the merge profile. I therefore completed the merge. It would seem that if changes are required to prepare for a merge the editing should be done in the merge section and not on the entry in the family tree.

there is NO requirement to make changes prior to a merge. I could merge two entirely different profiles (sadly some people DO this, by accident) and it would go through.

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