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1/19/2011 at 1:30 AM

I know ther are allot of Isaacs all over the world, but still I wonder if anyone can help. I have now done my family tree goibg back to an Isaacs Isaacs who had a son Samuel. He married an Betty/Hettie Stayde in 1784. WWanted o see if the so called Issacs Isaacs hd a brother, or if he had another child. I have someone cslled John Issacs who live in south-end -on sea who has all the same inforamtion as me and the same tree but where as i am on ther he is not, and trying to find a connectio. The only other information I have is that there was allot of inter marriages. 4 brother/sisters from the Philips side married 4 brohter/sister on the Isaacs side. The philip famiy were founders on the Tobacco company called Godfrey Phillip Ltd. Can anyone help

Hello Helen,

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