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Started by Shmuel-Aharon Kam (Kahn / שמואל-אהרן קם (קאן on Wednesday, February 2, 2011
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The current Naming Conventions Wiki page ( ) has grown TOO BIG to be effective. I'm sure many of the [too few] users who actually find it, look at the length of it and turn away.

This is due to ONE issue: It mixes two rather different but related topics. It started out as a brief page of the actual CONVENTIONS used, but then people kept on adding more and more information about naming PRACTICES throughout history, cultures and locations.

We need someone to split this page up into its components.

The Naming Conventions page:

An example of what the Naming Conventions page SHOULD look like would be any of the specific Naming Conventions SECTIONS linked to, such as:

Obviously this text needs to be somewhat expanded, to include things like No-Caps and other generics, but really, if we want this convention to be accepted and USED, this page should NOT be more than a screen worth of text, or slightly longer.

Naming Practices Page:

This NEW page should include all of the other information. As this too is too long, I would try and break it up further, but that can be done later.

Lastly please do NOT change the current Naming Conventions page (instead use this one: ). We can do that later AFTER we have a new set up pages that have been reviewed. I'm one of the Geni Wiki Admins, so moving these pages around shouldn't be a problem.

Shmuel-Aharon Kam
Geni Curator (and original author of this page, Nov. 2009).

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2/22/2011 at 1:37 PM
2/22/2011 at 1:40 PM

For the not as educated -- what country and period of history are we referring to? In other words, can you translate into Brookyn 2011 please? (not the details -- those are beautiful as usual).

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2/22/2011 at 2:40 PM

Erica Howton, who are you addressing?

2/22/2011 at 9:49 PM

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Sorry, was asking you. I have no idea what Occitanie means or what years it refers to. Sorry to reveal my ignorance and my google skills are very poor with one hand. :(

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