Support to our young adults in post secondary studies

Started by Private User on Saturday, February 5, 2011


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2/5/2011 at 7:17 AM

Hello all,
As we all know it take a village to raise a child...let's do our part.
I'd like to send a warm support and encouragement to our young adults who are pouring their hearts and souls in their studies:
Mario Dumouchelle -Ghislaine
Mathieu Dumouchelle- ghislaine
Isabeau Desrochers- Giroux- Berny
Stephanie Lefebvre- Micheline
Shannon Roy- Sylvie
Cory Lefebvre- Julie
Zoe Kavanagh- Pierrette
If I forgot someone, please add to the discussion,
En francais...
C'a prend un village pour enlever un enfants, fessons notre part.
Je tient a envoyer un mot d'encouragement a nos jeune qui sont aux etude post secondaire... et qui travaille fort.
s.v.p. envoyer vos mots de support a ces jeunes.
Si j'ai oublier quelqu'un s.v.p. le ajouter.

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