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I believe this story explains some the young ages foe marriage.
The rest of the family managed to escape inclusion in the attainder applied to the former Earl and thus on the death of Richard le Scrope on the 30th May 1403 he was succeeded by his second son Roger. Roger however died before the end of the year on the 3rd December and so the barony passed to his eldest son Richard le Scrope.

Richard the 3rd Baron was only ten at the time of his father's death and so became the ward of Ralph Neville, 1st Earl of Westmoreland. Married in 1413 to one of the Earls' daughters, Margaret Neville, Richard was later killed at the siege of Rouen on the 29th August 1420, at which time his eldest son Henry was only two years old. Once again the Nevilles took charge during the minority although this time Henry married his distant relation Elizabeth le Scrope, daughter of John le Scrope, 4th Baron Scrope of Masham.
If anyone in the Anderson family finds this relevant please add it to this bio.

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