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I have created a wikipedia entry for the Rumore surname. Definition, demographics, etc. Check it out!

The surname may be of nickname origin, being derived from a personal attribute or physical characteristic of the first bearer. In this case, the surname is derived from the Italian word "Rumore" which means noise, din, clamour, outcry and uproar. Thus, the surname Rumore would signify that the original bearer was of a "noisy" or "boisterous" nature.

Alternatively, the surname may be a variant of the ancient French surname "Romere" which was originally applied to one who had made a pilgrimage to Rome. In fact one Cristiana La Romere was living in Suffolk England in 1273 (Hundred Rolls).

Finally, the surname Rumore may be of toponymic origin, being derived from the name of the place of origin of the initial bearer. In this instance, the surname may be derived form the place name Rumour which is located in Normandy, France. Thus, the name Rumore may signify one who came from "Rumour

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