Stephen Moore, when on the Forbay Prison Ship, Charles Town Harbor, 18th May, 1781

Started by Michael Scott Moore on Tuesday, February 22, 2011
2/22/2011 at 9:23 AM

The following is a letter from Stephen Moore and John Barnwell to General N. Greene
(From North Carolina State Records) PRISON SHIP FORBAY, CHARLES TOWN HARBOUR, 18TH MAY, 1781 We have the honor of inclosing (sic) you a copy of a letter from Colonel Balfour commandant of Charlestown, which was handed us immediately on our being put on board this ship. The letter speaking for itself needs no comment; your wisdom will best dictate the notice it merits. We just beg leave to observe that should it fall to the lost of all, or any of us, to be made victims, agreeable to them enaces therein contained, we have only to regret that our blood cannot be disposed of more to the advancement of the glorious cause to which we have adhered. A separate Roll of our names attends this letter.. With the greatest respect, we are, Sir, Your most obedient and most H'ble Servants, Stephen Moore, Lieut. Colonel. North Carolina Militia John Barnwell, Major South Carolina Militia For ourselves and one hundred and thirty other Prisoners. To Major Gen'l N. Greene FORBAY PRISON SHIP, CHARLES TOWN,HARBOUR, 18TH May, 1781 Roll of the Militia Prisoners on board said Ship: listed among them; White, Isaac Note: These were doubtless prisoners mostly of the battle of Camden, Aug, 1780. Source: South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution, Author: Moss, Genreal PUblishing Co, Baltimore, MD 1983. Pg S11757.

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