Not the son of Adean Glas

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Dates coming up in BC
Cobblach Caolbreag died 541 BC  established date
Ughaine Mor The Great born 561 BC child age 20
Eochaidh Buaidhaig born 591 BC child age 30
Duach Laidgharch born 573 BC child age 18
Fiacha Tolgrace born 603 BC child age 30
Muredach Bolgach born 633 BC child age 30
Simeon Break born 667 BC child age 34

Meeting in the middle there is no way Simeon Break could be the son of Adean Glas
Keating, op. cit., p. 126. In Keating’s history, Simeon Brec is the son of Starn, son of Nemedh. In the Leabhar Gabhala, he is either the son of Erglan, son of Beoan, son of Starn, son of Neimedh [Nemedh] (sec. 67); or he is, significantly, son of Iarbanel, son of Neimedh.

Iarbanel is the Irish name of Jeriamiah

Adean Glas born about 990 BC (born before 961 BC
Nuadu Finn Fail died 961 BC <- established date (born before 1013 BC)
Gillachadh died 1013 BC <- established date
Olioll Aolcheion born before 1030 BC
Siorna Saoghalach died 1030 BC <-established date

Dates going down in BC

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