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2/25/2011 at 4:37 PM

Richard we have been trying for around three years to gain information on my fathers mother. Her name was Annie or Francis Annie Pattinson of Guisbrough, Yorkshire. She was born to Thomas Pattinson, house painter and Ruth Atkinson.
Thomas was the son William and Ellen Pattinson of Guisbrough. Brother of your great grandfather William Pattinson. I have further information on the family if you wish. But most importantly we are trying to located what happened to my grandmother. She married in 1905, George Edward Middleton, they had five children Thomas William 1906, George Edward Middleton1907, Dorthery Ruth v1909, my father Francis Marwood Middleton 1911 and Eleen or Helen Middleton. There was another child a baby born in 1916, named Annie. Born in Macceslfield . My grandparent separed in 1916 because my grandmother met and fell in love with an Amercian soldier. She left the family home only taking Annie, who I believe was a love child to the American Soldier. We have tried to obtain information from the Imigatration Department in England, Amercia and Canada. It seems she had vanished of the planet after my grandfathers separation. My grandfather in the Great War, fighting for England/Scotland when grandma became pregnant with Annie.

I hope this gets through to you and you can help enlighten us on any information you are able to get from cousins etc. I can send full details of information on their family. We would be forever grateful. Also we would like to know health details. They seemed to have died early, through what causes. So many questions. My father did not know his mother or have any details. The two older boys were sworn to secrecy by the father.

Mary I Middleton.

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