dirk scheeringa had 6 childern

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2/27/2011 at 12:58 PM

Willem married Hilligje(Hilda) Ensing and had 6 kids Evert, Dick Betsie, Pete, Dina, John
Jan married ? and had 3 kids, JanTina, Dirk, Greetje
Bouktje married Kees Keizer and had 2 kids Wessel and Dirk
Neeltje married Hiljo Keyzer and had 3 kids Greet, Joke, Harry
Tietje married Pete Hazewinkel and had 2 kids, John and Geertje
Pieter died in war 1945

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2/27/2011 at 4:53 PM

Here is a marital record for Dirk Scheeringa & Geertje Jongman:


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Detailed results: (Groom)

Source Marital Status - Marriage
Store Location Groninger Archives
General City: Sappemeer
Type of record: Marriage
Record number: 5
Date: 15/04/1911
Groom Dirk Scheeringa
Hometown: Lutjegast gem. Grootegast
Bridal Geertje Jongman
Hometown: Sappemeer
Father groom William Scheeringa
Mother groom Bouktje Froentjes
Father bride January Jongman
Mother Bride Neeltje Wieringa
Further information profession bridegroom: gardener, father groom job.: gardener, father bride job: carpenter, 25 years bridegroom, bride 25 years

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