children of William & Mary in census

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2/27/2011 at 3:32 PM

Uncle Russ, I figured putting this in here would probably work best. I think Etta & Hattie are the same person. I've found the family in 1870 & 1880.
1870 Federal Census, Iowa, Jones county, Greenfield
Francis, William age 30 M
" , Mary age 26 F
" , Eliza J age 8 F
" , Agnes S age 4 F
" , Hattie M age 2 F
" , Cassie B age 3/12 F
1880 Federal Census, Iowa, Ida, Galva
Francis, William age 40 M
" , Mary age 38 F
" , Lizzie age 17 F
" , Agnes age 15 F
" , Etta age 12 F
" , Cassie age 10 F
" , John age 8 M
" , Isaac age 6 M
" , Freman age 2 M

8/7/2017 at 7:42 AM

Robert, I am trying to respond to your question about Leo but stumbled onto this one that I appear to have never answered. Yes, I agree that Hattie and Etta are the same person.

Freman Francis is an interesting connection. I responded to an email my cousin received seeking connections. He moved away from the area as an adult and they lost all connections to the family. He was killed in a car accident. Years later his great-grandson was seeking genealogy info. Dot and I visited with David and his wife a few years ago when we were visiting friends and relatives in California.

Your question about Leo John Graeve Jr. Complicated, and I am not certain it can really be shown in genealogy software. Leo and his girlfriend had a son, named him, but the state declared them unfit parents and refused to let them take the baby home. Leo's adoptive parents stepped in and adopted the son so I consider him both a grandson and a great-grandson.

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