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I have always loved February because my favorite day of the year—Valentines Day — a day we choose to honor love is in it, and also because its Black History month. In essence, it is the month in which we truly love our black selves (and yes this last word is the edited version).

There’s been a family request that I share my thoughts and feelings about this month and those for whom we hold sacred remembrances of at this time of year, in particular Curtis and Ayanna.

“Give me strength!” What immediately comes to mind is all of the times we remember the smile or the kind (or crazy) word; or humorous remark, or the unexpected yet unique way something was done or undone; or the unselfish or completely selfish act that made the day for us, or have us rolling in laughter and recognition. All of those reverent (and irreverent) sayings, ways of being and doing things that made each of them, Curtis and Ayanna distinct persons who we joyfully celebrate forever in our hearts and minds.

In order to honor Curtis and Ayanna properly, there are those who came before them and those who come after that are also to be considered. That the root of this particular family tree from all sides and in all ways, is one with Christ, with God as the Helm and the Holy Spirit as the Messenger bearing a Truth in Love which continuously reveals itself in and through us and our lives.

That Mommy and Daddy were shinning examples of their best to God, their families and communities, is why we all know the substance of this truth and loving clarity for ourselves in a very authentic way. That Curtis and Alicia so embodied these qualities as central to their relationship with God, each other and their family, they were able to add to the sacred covenant of their lives as one with Christ that helped to elevate the resonance of truth and victory within our relationship with all that challenged it. The hands on caring and loving kindnesses have literally changed the quality of care along with currently updated insights into the natural biological and physiology of Huntington’s and its impact on the affected and extended family members as a whole.

That Ayanna, and now Bushana and Reggie have benefitted from these loving experiences, and continue to bless this knowledge with their own sacred efforts through their solicitation of and willingness to follow God by reaching inward and outward to something higher, and going further, expanding the knowledge, is the true blessings of allowing God to remain at the Helm and the Holy Spirit as the Guiding Messenger in all of our lives. “I love it!!!”

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