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Many biblical proper names were adopted as Jewish surnames by Jews from various countries in
the Diaspora.

Born in Egypt, Menashe was the elder son of Joseph, after whom one of the twelve tribes of
Israel was called. His name comes from the Hebrew "to forget", and refers to Joseph's words, "for
God has made me forget all my toil and all my father's house" (Genesis 41.51).

Some variants and derivatives of Manasseh are closely related to several forms of Menahem,
whose meaning is "comforter". The biblical Menahem was king of Israel (2 Kings 15.7).

Manessier is documented as a Jewish name in the 12th century and Manayssiers in the 13th
century. The 14th century records Manasseus, Menessier, Manecier and Manasses. Manes is
mentioned in 1650. Other variants include Manhes, Manesse, Menechi, Menechy and Menouchi.

Mannis, Maunes, Monesch, Monasch, Manne and Man are some of the forms considered to be
linked to both Menahem and Manasseh.

Distinguished bearers of the Jewish family name Menasche include the 20th-century Argentinean
novelist Marcelo Menasche.
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Perhaps you would like to create a Menasche, Menashe, Manayssier, Menouchi, Monasch, Mannis etc. Geni Project?

There is a Geni Project that includes the Bnei Menashe (Children of Menashe) of India.

The Bnei Menashe (from northeast India) claim descent from the lost Tribe of Manasseh. Their oral traditions depict them as originally going from the Persian Empire into Afghanistan. (They may have been in the Persian Empire because it occupied the lands of Assyria when it conquered Babylonia.)

According to their traditions, they then went to China, where they encountered persecution, then pressed on to India and Southern Asia.

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