The Walda Family

Started by Jo on Thursday, March 24, 2011


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3/24/2011 at 12:23 PM

Hendrik Idzes, son of Ids Hendriks took the family name of WALDA on the 26th of February 1812. As per the "Naamaannemings Register van Ureterp in Friesland, Nederland. Source, In 1809 Napoleon Bonapart occupied the Netherlands and enacted a law that all families have a family name by 1812. This led to many families who were related to have different surnames. Eg. Ids Hendriks and Antje Lucas had an older son named Brugt Hendriks. He took the family name of IDZINGA (son of Ids) His eldest son Hendrik Brugts took tyhe surname of DE VRIES when he moved to Amsterdam in 1795 to show that he came from Friesland. But his younger son kept the name of IDZINGA. Also Ids Hendrik had a brother named Ekke Hendriks. He had 3 son who grew to maturity. Each one took a different family name,nl BIJLSTRA, PATROON, and VAN DER MEER. So from one family you get 6 different family names. I still cannot fathom out why they took those particular names.

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