Mary Sawyer vs Martha Sawyer

Started by Christopher George Gibbons on Friday, March 25, 2011

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3/25/2011 at 11:58 AM

I believe this profile has accidentally turned Mary Sawyer into Martha Sawyer.

"The Birth, Marriage and Death Registers, Church Records and Epitaphs of LANCASTER, MASSACHUSETTS. 1643-1850" edited by HENRY S. NOURSE, A. M., list the following events:

Listed under Marriages: Nathaniel Wilder & Mary his wife, 24 . 11 . 73 (1673) Lancaster, MA (Only marriage listed for Nathaniel Wilder, before his death in 1704)

Marie the daughter of Thomas Sawyer and Marie his wife : was borne the 4=11 mon 1652 (which translates to Jan 4 1652/53, March was the first month in the Julian calander which makes January the 11th month) Lancaster, MA

Listed under Births: Martha of Tho. & Mary Sawyer, 10 . 6 . 73 (which translates to December 6, 1673) Lancaster, MA

Also, Listed under Marriages: Philip Goss and Mary Prescott, at Concord, March 29, 1690.

I have found no marriages of Philip Goss to any Sawyers. And Ebenezer Wilder did marry a Mary (who died in 1733/34 at the age of 54, making her birth approx 1680) in 1702, this is more likely Mary and Nathaniel's son Ebenezer.

So as you can see Mary was married to this Nathaniel Wilder, not Martha. Mary did have a younger sister Martha. Was not married to Ebenezer Wilder or Phillip Goss. If I get enough concurrence, we can correct the profiles.

Thanks for listening :)

3/25/2011 at 1:05 PM

Thank you, Chris, those are great references.

I'm merging up outstanding requests around the profile to see what it reveals, may help. Have you put the references you cite in the overview / about me?

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