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So, as mentioned by both Nikolai von Arnold and in the memoirs of Georg (Juri Karlovich) von Arnold Babu (Arko) with a dim connection to Arnulf, had lots of children

("Stamfader till släkten Arnold var en av de yngsta sönerna till Arnold Karintijskij * - greve Arko, vilken levde på 900-talet tillsammans med sin enda hustra Judifija. Arko och Judifija hade 32 söner och 8 döttrar.")

But Jurij von Arnold's description seems more accurate:
("Den äldsta kända stamfadern var (i urminnes tider):
Arnold eller Arnulf Karintijskij, vilket torde betyda "från Karint eller Korint"
En avkomling var
BABON ARKO. Han levde på 1000-talet. Tillsammans med sin (enda) hustru Judith hade han 32 (trettiotvå) barn. ")

AS mentioned in the project main text, supported by attached documents, there really was a Babu. And he was married at least three times, had some 40 children... must be the same guy:

So... two tasks. Did our (Estonian/Sedish and Simbirsk) part of the Arnold family simply snatch this text from Jurij? Or do we have other sources of this myth?

Worth pursuing:
"Babo I, Burggraf von Regensburg1 b. circa 940, d. 6 March 1001/2, Babo I, Burggraf von Regensburg was per Michael Mitterauer a descendant of the Wilhelminer Papo II, killed in 884. He was per Faußner, the son of the Babenberger Graf Poppo von Kühbach He married Mathilde von Formbach. " A fourth wife?

We need a correct translation (or I need anyway) of the german text attached to this project... and above all: we need to get hold of the book "M. Peinkofer, the 40 child of the count Babo of A. A childblessing in the old Lower Bavaria - twice seven sons born, in: Hg 10,1976. /GvA Any ideas? Please write here or contact Gunnar Reinhold Ragnarsson von Arnold

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