Lingga, Sri Aman

Started by viviena teng on Sunday, March 27, 2011


3/27/2011 at 6:13 PM

Dear Viviena Teng,

Thank you so much for reading my column and for writing to me. Both of us should thank The Sundaypost for making it posible to communicate with one another.

Regarding your queries: the names of the two ladies are Dang Isa and Dang Ajar. They were ladies of rank possibly of Brunei connection. They were taken to Lingga at the time when one Kayan chief called Akam Nipa wanted to marry one of them, by force if necessary. They had settled at Ngemah on the Rejang River, about two hours from Sibu
by the Express boat. In understand there is a smaall Malay community there. I have not met any Malay from that area.

The chief of the Malays at Ngemah was Indra Laila and it was he who had made the decsion to migrate to Lingga some 180 years ago (my calculation) or about ten year before James Brooke became Rajah of Sarawak and that part of the Rejang was not his territory anyway. It was under the Brunei Sultanat, nominally.

At Lingga, Indra Pelawan (died in 1897), was the chief of the Malays, but it was Dang (Dayang) Isa and Dang (Dayang) Ajar who wielded power and authority, controlling vast areas of padi land and employing many slaves. They did not like the Brookes, obviously, for interfering with their rule.

Are you related to them? May be. Go to Lingga and find out if you have any relatives still alive and to Brunei if you have any living realtives there. Good luck and let me know if you havefound one.

Much obliged. Sidi Munan

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