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3/28/2011 at 5:39 AM

Our list of Kong family related websites -

The original Kong Family Tree database by Roy Fung. Add names, dates and pics here -

The Kong Family Stories is where we collect Kong stories. Write your own story or those of close family members and submit them here. This website is private to family members only and requires an invitation; email me at gbkong@gmail.com for one.

The Kong Kitchen is for collecting family recipes and where we gather to chat in the Discussion forum -

Our Kong Travels is for travel stories, pics, videos, tips and advice -

Kongregate is where we can discuss our religious beliefs and gain insight into others -

Pennysky is about the skies, stars and odd and interesting things that go bump in the night -

Kong Kids is about our kids (odd, but kids not allowed) and is private to family. Email me for an invitation - gbkong@gmail.com

All of the wetpaint sites above and our Geni site here have Discussion forums and Private Messaging. In addition, we have a Kong Family chat room (seldom visited so arrange date/ time with someone first) -

You may add links to your websites or pages of family interest to any of our sites and post a notice here below. You can also create your own site on Wetpaint.com for free.

Join in the fun!

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3/28/2011 at 6:28 AM

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