My grandfather, Kenneth Gordon Abijah Rawn.

Started by Ronald Wayne Morrison on Tuesday, March 29, 2011


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3/29/2011 at 3:30 PM

My name is Ronald (Wayne) Morrison, Kenneth Gordon Abijah Rawn is my grandfather, he is my mother's blood father. My mother's name was Shirley Irene Rawn, and her older brother is Leslie Gordon Rawn, who is my uncle. I met my grandfather once when I was a child living in Trenton, Ontario. My recollection of my grandfather coming to visit us was that I remember when he took us for a ride in his car, he was listening to Johnny Horton music on his car stereo, and that was all he played for the duration of our ride. I believe he took us for some ice cream, and after that day (probably 1974 or thereabouts), I never did see him again.

My mother did pack us in the car one day and took us to a native reservation (Fergus, Ontario?) which didn't seem like a very long ride (we lived in Elmvale, Ontario at that time, it could have been 1972 or thereabouts), and she told my brother's and I that she was going to see her ailing grandmother. When we arrived, we had to stay in the car as our mother went into what I believed was a large tee pee. After that visit, I never remember my mother ever mentioning her grandmother again. I just learned last week from my cousin's (Leslie Gordon Rawn's children) that as children, our parents lived for a time on a native reservation, and this is something I had never heard of from my mother when I was a child, or, I just didn't remember or had forgotten it was mentioned.

Can any of the Rawn's here shed some light on my story, and possibly some history about my grandfather, as I am very interested to learn, as are my children about possible relatives we have but were never told about and have never met. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing about my long, lost family.

Ronald (Wayne) Morrison.

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