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3/30/2011 at 4:32 PM

When you search for a surname, without specifying given name, you get all the profiles on Geni with that last name.
You can reduce the number of profiles by clicking , under "search results" where it says "connected to you". What exactly does this mean, and how does the program recognize who is "connected" to me?
Finally you can click on "managed by you" and get all those profiles with that surname you manage on your own or together with someone else, usually a small number and quite helpful for research.
It would be very helpful to have one more category, YOUR TOTAL EXTENDED FAMILY,
where all those "managed by me" and all those "managed by other family members" appear, regardless of how distant the relationship. In this manner, when a person with a surname known to be in the family is found, it is easy to ascertain if he/she are related.
If there is already a way of doing so, can anybody let me know how.
If there isn't, what is your opinion of the idea?
Let's discuss it.

"connected to you" means in the same "tree" (actually a forest of trees). In your case this is the so-called "big-tree", with it's 54 million profiles (about half of all Geni profiles).

I think that from a technical point it would be MUCH too difficult to create a list of "managed by extended family". That is a VERY complicated question to ask.

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