Colonel Henry Walter Kingsbury,(US Army) Killed in Action, Battle of Antietam, 17 Sept 1862 by his Brother in Laws, Troops

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Henry W. Kingsbury, Born 25 Dec 1836, Died 17 Sept 1862, married to Eva (Taylor) Kingsbury and had a son born in Dec of 1862 named Henry after his father. He died sometime around 1900 somewhere around Baltimore
Henry's father and mother were, Major Julius J. B. Kingsbury, died 25 june 1856 and Jane C. Kingsbury. They also had two Children, Henry Walter Kingsbury and Mary J. (Kingsbury) Buckner, and was married 5/2/1850 to Brigadier General Simon B. Buckner (CS-Army) and 30th Governor of Kentucky. She died 5 Jan 1874
Colonel Henry W. Kingsbury (USA) was killed at Antietam while leading his troups by (CSA) General David Rumph Jones Troops Henry's brother in law, whom was married to Rebecca (Taylor) Jones a sister to Eva (Taylor) Kingsbury and Col Henry W. Kingsbury's wife.
Being Retired Military myself I had no Idea of the family history and connections until this winter. and can someday pass on and share with family the grief and hardships our fore-fathers had to endour to make this country.

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