Lilian writes about her family - from a letter written in 2001

Started by Laurence Robert Gunsberg on Thursday, March 31, 2011


3/31/2011 at 2:20 PM

(from a document provided by Leslie Gunsberg. Uncle George was very close with Aunt Lillian)

"Mother was the oldest dauhter among 10 children. Her mother, Regina and sister, Elizabeth, married two brothers, Morris and Joseph Rubinstein. Now some of those family members go under the name Ruby). My grandmother, Regina, had auburn hair..her sister Elizabeth was a blond. The youngest sister, Helen, was a brunette. I knew Aunt Helen the best. She used to come for a visit every summer, and we adored her. She and her husband, Joe Friedman, emigrated to the US about 1904. He was employed as a dress designed in NYC. When mother emigreated, she lived with the family until she got married and workd with Uncle Joe. She could sew beautifully.

Mother gave her phont to a good friend whom moved from NYC to Flint. My father (Bill Klien) went to visit this friend and saw my mothers picture, and was smitten. He loved that pictures and wanted to meet her. This friend said he was too old for her, a 15 yr difference, but he insisted. Eventually they did meet, fell in love and got married in 1912. Once i asked Mother if Dad was too old for her She answered "I got older and your father got younger, so it worked out very well".

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