A Tribute Article about my Grandfather, Louis Gunsberg,

Started by Laurence Robert Gunsberg on Thursday, March 31, 2011


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3/31/2011 at 6:58 PM

Out of the collection of documents given to me by cousin Leslie is an article from, what appears to be a Hungarian Newspaper (local I presume) about some named Lajos Gunsberg (actually written Gunsberg Lajos, but I guess those the Hunkies talked backwards). I don't know the date of this article, but here is the translated version (I have scanned and attached both originals). Truly, a beautiful tribute to my Grandfather, Louis.
"Louis Gunsberg
The Owner of the Chicago Corned Beef (company)
2434 Riopelle Street, Detroit MI
Born: March 19, 1884 at Szarfold, County of Sopron, Hungary"

(article starts as follows directly translated from the original Hungarian)

If somebody would ask: what did Louis Gunsberg do for the American, and especially for the Detroit, Hungarians, one could answer: he brought them to America, found jobs for them, fed them, raised them to be good citizens, found honorable young women for them to be taken in marriage, bought houses, gave them all the right directions for their every endeavor that they needed in the new world.

He arrived in America in 1903. For a year, he was in New York, then he settled in Detroit, where in 1905, with his brother Sam, opened a business. In the beginning it was a small store, but speedily it developed into a large store. Later, they opened a wholesale and retail liquor store. During the Prohibition, the took over the Demchick Furniture Store (it was located on Jefferson not far from downtown - lg), but at the same time, they build a slaughter house (note: Moshe was a schochet and kosher butcher - lg).

Louis Gunsberg founded in America the well known and well respected Gunsberg dynasty. He brought out his family members, and at one time, with his brothers, Ignatz, Paul, Sigmond, Sam and Joseph, and with his, by then deceased brother-in-law, Anton Feder, and his wife (Selma) took part in every public activity of Hungarian interest.

The dynasty founder Louis Gunsberg was a member of a Mason Lodge and in the building of the Hungarian Jewish Temple (note: The Hungarian Congregation- lg), he participated in so many beneficial and self sacrificing activities that the members of the congregation named the temple after his Father. He is the current President (note - this article doesn't actually explore the process of naming the Shul after Moshe, but the point was made. lg).

Louis Gunsberg got married in 1919. He married Selma Stern from Cleveland, who bore him. Richard, is a law student (I believe at this point he was still in Undergrad - lg) at the University in Ann Arbor, George is in High School.

The name Gunsberg is a real superlative in the American public life, due to the unparalled work of Louis. His heart and his wallet were always open to help others"

4/4/2011 at 9:08 AM
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