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4/2/2011 at 9:26 PM

Why is Milton Q Becks Picture white not blue? Can not clivk anc add down line...he had one son who was named after him and he has many grandchildren. The email entered was incorrect it is pjbeck65@msn.com

Please let us know what we can do to find our cousins and create a family tree for Milton who tragically died at 25 leaving behind a 1year old son.

Thank you
PJ Beck

when you say "white not blue", do you mean when seen in the tree? If so, this is as it is supposed to be so. Whenever you view the tree for a specific person, that box will be white. This indicates that this is the person that the tree is focused on.

If you are a Collaborator of the profile's manager Private User, you will not be able to add to it. So you might want to contact him directly.

Also, it's not recommended to post email addresses in public discussions, where spammers are likely to get them.

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