the will of marsyngaile of whitby

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abstract from Southside Virginia Families by John Bennett Boddie Volume I

To Xpofer Marsyngaile my eldest sonne the house wherein he dwells in whitby upon condition that he suffer Eliazabeth, my wife to occupy the Harring house and garden during her widowhood and further that he give mjy three youngest children Thomas, Gregory, and John Marsingaile L2 equally amongst them.

To Anthony Marsyngaile my son and the heirs of his body my shop in the market place Whitby he suffering my wife to occupy a moyete thereof during her widowhood and that he give my three youngest children, Thomas, Gegory and John Marsyngaile L6 amongst them and for default of issue of the said Anthony then the shop; shall remain to the issue of the bodies of the said Thomas, Gregory and John marsyngaile.

To Elizabeth, my wife a close I have in Newham during her widowhood and then to remain to my said sons Thomas, Gregory and John.

To Elizabeth my wife the house wherein I dwell inWhitby during widowhood and then to remain to Anthony my son.

The residue of my goods I give to Robert, Anthony, Thomas, Gregory, and John Marsyngile my sons.

Executrix Elizabeth my wife.

To Elizabeth my wife the close I have of Marmaduke Wilson

Witnesses John Herreson, William Cooke, Roger Carlyll, Francis Hood

PROVED 28 March 1593 by Elizabeth the relict and Execitrix (Probate Reg. York Vol. 25 Fol 1225)

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